Lifestyle/Humour Features

Embracing the Man Hug

Nostalgic TV and its positive effect on men’s fashion

The truth behind superstitions

Dave Kenny goes under a stepladder as part of his efforts to break every superstition ahead of Friday 13th. Picture: Nick Bradshaw


Bend it like Beckham: tackling Yoga, man-style

10 things politicians wished they hadn’t said–270345.html

Rik Mayall and the comedians who died before their time

(NB: there’s an uncorrected editing error at end of this piece. Tommy Cooper is talking about his wife. “My missus said to me: ‘you’ll drive me to my grave’. I had the car out in 30 seconds.”

Rick Mayall


Busting some age-old myths (Guinness is NOT good for you)

Why 80 is the new 50

The curse of Political Correctness–the-biggest-offenders-268771.html

Forget Martin and Roy. Here’s 11 top good cop, bad cop, pairings

Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane

The things we learned this year

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